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Other than drawing caricatures, I fell in love with other forms of art and that is “Dance!” I took many forms of dance for more than 20 years of my life, performed, won many awards and actually taught, and owned a studio for a short time! This past summer, I was involved with an idol show, where I was asked to perform,(sing) so I came up with an idea to have hip hop dancers with me! It was a BIG hit and I actually learned some hip hop for the performance routine. Now, I’m addicted, so I joined Hip Hop classes, which started this fall. This newest dance craze, is the only dance I have not learned throughout my years of dance and I thought it was time to get back in dance shape! I miss it!
I took my first class and BOY! it was NOT easy, but fun!!! I just hope I can keep up with the class!

I had to purchase the funky hip hop shoes, too! I find Hip Hop to be a great outlet for me, other than keeping up with my everyday, FT engineering job and Gift caricature orders and phone calls for gigs!

2 responses to “Hip Hop!!!! It’s Exciting! Try it!”

  1. Pag says:

    word! I done did some jus’ice over at my blog! Avoid the haters and feed the aligators:)

  2. angie says:

    These Hip Hop Classes are so hard to keep up. We are learning a routine to song “Youngin” (Hollarback) from Fabulous, and the movements are so fast paced!It’s tough! Help!!! LOL!