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This was a chaotic day for me for I had to work the last day of the Philly convention with my Live Digital Caricatures, pack up and hope to get to my late event at the Hershey Hotel.

It was pouring down rain in Philly as I was leaving with my ATA case and luckily, there was an underpass to get to my car, which covered me from the rain. I had about 3.5 hours to get to my next event that was only 1.5 hours away. I ran into 2 major traffic problems, one with the turnpike at a stop for 30 minutes. As I was thinking about calling my agent to try and find another artist for my next event, the traffic started to move. I MADE IT to my next event with 5 minutes to spare for a rest stop. lol!

There were many children with their parents under a large outdoor tent, as a R&B band rocked the evening and 3 caricature artists, including myself, rocked the corner of the tent with fun art for the kids to take home and remember this event for a long time!

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