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My Live Digital Caricature Entertainment took me north, past the famous Frackville mountain, where fog and snow seem to always appear during the cold winter months. I was hired to entertain and draw individuals at a health fair in Wilkes-Barre for a few hours and I brought a very fun, smiling day to many guests and hospital staff.

Angie Jordan entertains her digital caricatures at the Health Fair

As I hit the road, the snow was falling, roads were closing, hotels were fully booked and I found myself struggling to drive on 81 south, hoping I wouldn’t be sleeping on the snowy mountain that night. Finally I pulled aside to fill up on gas and through the blizzardy snow, I saw a hotel within 50 feet, called and they had a vacancy. Yay! By morning the snow was melting, cars were back on the highway and off to breakfast on the Frackville mountain. What a journey from where I grew up as a kid! Good ole Frackville!



Angie Jordan

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