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In my younger days, my best friend, Beth and I were highly creative with our Halloween costumes (also bored! ha ha) I thought I’d post a few that we spent time creating. Here is one of me as Frank-n-Furter in Rocky Horror. Beth did my make-up! She was so great at this, plus she lives in the city and is always in the latest fashion! I always thought she should be a make-up artists or fashion artist!
I will have dig into my photo album to find a photo of Beth as “Magenta.” During our college years at Kutztown Univ., we attended a Rocky Horror picture show, in our costumes, at a crowded auditorium at Millersville University and received a standing ovation! The funniest part of that evening is when we performed on stage, Beth sang her tune and leaned against the hanging screen (she thought the screen was immobile and acted the same leaning-on-post scene that Magenta did in movie) and the screen started to sway big time! Next thing you know, the film was turned off and we were chased off stage to our seats! We can laugh today about that one! What fun that was!!!

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