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The great gang at Harrisburg Area Community College’s Lancaster Campus had a perfect day to celebrate. While reports were for rain, we had nothing but sun and a gentle breeze for most of the day. Towards the latter part of the event, some clouds rolled in, providing the students (and artist) with some shade. The fun was there, the rain was a no show.

As soon as I setup my TreaselTM, students began to gather around. Some wondered what this woman with a space age tripod/easel was about to draw. Some wondered if they could get the chance to sit in the chair opposite of this artist. Some just wanted to watch their friends be transformed into exaggerated cartoon caricatures.

The interactive gallery below is just a small sample of the many students who were drawn in my Traditional Caricature style. The students at HACC were great. It’s a small campus, with only 5,000 students, so it was like drawing at a large family party (very large family!). Many thanks go out to Lauren and everyone else with the SGA who worked so hard to make the day run so well.

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