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Here are a few pics from my Greyhound drawing event(Pet Cartoons). I couldn’t have been more happy to work for this client. She was very thoughtful, giving and always came by to check on me.

And from greyhound to graveyard. After this gig, I worked the ‘graveyard shift’ at a post prom event at Unionville High School. This was the third year in a row they requested me. They have plenty of entertainment for the students, which just makes it an energetic event, which you sort of need at 3 am!

What was also great was working with my friend Emily Anthony again. You can check out some of the pictures she took on her blog: Emily’s Sketchblog

I knocked out quite a few interesting and funny cartoon characters! But instead of more of my pictures, I managed to take a few shots of this famous magician working his amazing magic talent that evening. ~wink~ (For those who don’t know, he’s my husband!!!)

I felt bad for Scott, because he’s wrapping post-production on a three volume DVD set that’s being distributed across the States and Europe and the gold master is going out Monday. He is an editor at Reels in Motion Visual Effects Studio, a company he started several years ago, in addition to freelance work he does for several other production companies.

So as you can image, there are all the last minute checks and approvals going on with the client and is already a few nights behind on sleep. But he had a blast performing last night and they’ve already requested us both for next year! Here’s a few pics!

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