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A long driveway, a few brick buildings, a pool with patio, 3 large industrial tents and many individuals with black suits running around organizing this event. And a drone flying over my head! Yes! this is what was happening as I arrived to set up my Live Digital Caricature entertainment for a Sweet 16 party that included a Great Gatsby theme!

A full band was in one tent, along with stage lighting, a DJ and dance floor in another tent and so many FUN entertainers. As the guests started to arrive, all entertainment was by pool side and I took my tablet and treasel to draw many of the guests for the first hour on the patio in their fun Gatsby style outfits!

Afterwards, I reported back to my station where I pointed out the first hour and proceeded to draw more guests for remaining hours with having a show on my flat panel.

The guests were happy to walk away with a fun digital cartoon print and later download their digital file to make more fun prints or use as a fun avatar on the latest social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more!

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