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It was great to get back into drawing pets again, however, I felt a little rusty on the job. The dogs were really moving and barking in the beginning, so it was “ruff” on me. 🙂
After punching out a few, I started to warm up and I got into my pet drawing mood.

It’s not often I draw cats, but I had 3 at this one. I did my best, but I think with more time and practice at drawing them, I will eventually create better with these furry felines!
I certainly need to darken my greys!

3 responses to “Grand Opening with Pet Cartoons!”

  1. Angie you are hands down THE BEST party caricaturist out there!!!!!

  2. Marion says:

    I think you’re the best dog caricaturist!

  3. Angie says:

    You are both too kind! thanks!
    I really REALLY enjoy drawing caricatures and cartoons out of anything and anyone and I think that is what’s best about my work! In other words, I feel alive! lol!