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These past few weeks, I kept busy with designing a fun character for a client to use for a campaign ad about one of their new products. I was commissioned to do a rough draft of a goose character and sketched out 3 different types of characters. My client fell in love with character “B,” so we moved forward with revisions to make this character look more like a goose, than a duck.

It was a challenging task, and along the revision process, I felt we were beginning to lose the “fun” in my original character, while trying to make him goose-like.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I had to fly to New Orleans on another event and my client’s tight deadline (and a change in direction on the client’s end), this concept is on hold.

However, since I really liked how much character this design had, just for fun I created one last rendered goose character for my portfolio. I hope you can enjoy my creativity as much as I had creating them!

Goose Character A-web

Goose Character B-web

Goose Character C-web


Rendered Goose-web

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