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At my last digital event, I met with the manager, and to my surprise, he was Jeff! Jeff and I go way back in the good ole days, when he was managing a hotel and he hired (and paid) me to be a spotlight dancer at the night club’s grand opening!
Now this style of dancing was “Solid Gold” style, with crazy, far-out outfits, teased hair, character shoes and sunglasses! No stripping at all…well, maybe just my sunglasses. 😀
So much fun and BOY, did I love to dance!!! Still do!
Anyway, Jeff is a Great trustworthy friend and I just had to design a cartoon for him to say thanks!
A little bird told me he likes anything with Japanese Flare! 🙂

One response to “Good ole Jeff!”

  1. Pag says:

    I wonder if it looks like him? It sure don’t look like me- dat’s for sure!

    (apologies for such a lame comment)