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It has been a distinct pleasure of mine to work at the Materials Research Society Annual Meeting ( for several years, and this year is no different. This three-day event draws massive crowds to Boston every year, as well as authors, presenters, and researchers. Having worked at the MRS Meeting for 6 or 7 years, I’ve come to anticipate, not to mention get excited about the long queues of visitors waiting to see me in action. The crowds may not come to Boston just for me, but I always feel like a star at the MRS meeting.Of course, I can’t deny the charm and appeal of the city of Boston. This wonderful city has long been one of my favorite places to visit, whether it is for work or play. Every time I come here, the allure of Boylston Street gets the better of me, and I must stop in at all the beautiful shops along the famed thoroughfare. And, of course, a trip to Boston isn’t complete without dining at one of the many Irish pubs, my favorite of the bunch being Lir (try the curry chicken, it’s to die for).


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