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I just HAD to create a new caricature of my mother and her forever boyfriend, Ivan.
My mother is known for gabbing with her skinny cigs and drinking her old mill.
She has a forever pot belly (never works out), but she seems to be proud of it!

Ivan is close to looking like Santa Claus, with his really round belly, he loves to hunt and always has Bootsy, the dog, with him.

They are a real bunch of rednecks, but very good hearted and “fun” people!
Everyone who meets my mother loves her! She is very outgoing and always ready to have a good time!

I know…I really went to town on their “character” design, but my mother and Ivan LOVE my art work, especially my caricatures, and will really have a hoot over this one!

character design and cartooning by Angie Jordan

I can already see my mom running to her neighbor with this one!

2 responses to “Funny Family!”

  1. harringtoon says:

    HAHA! Rednecks b funny!
    The Ivan is awesome!
    Merrry Christmas!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Pat!
    Merrry Christmas to you and Karin, too!
    Your card was a hoot! (your pumpkin head- ha ha)
    Where are your new posts, especially from Malvern job?