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Funny Faces and the Future of Travel

I’m back in Las Vegas wrapping up the final few hours of the Future Travel Experience Global 2015 Exhibition at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This trade show brings together top companies in the travel, technology, and communications fields and highlights the latest advancements in the travel industry. Given how frequently I travel, I was all too keen to listen in on the seminars and find out how these companies are going to make it easier for me (and you, of course) to get wherever I’m going.

I was here with my friends from Infosys, drawing live digital caricatures in their trade show booth. The attendees and passersby were excited to have me here and get their cartoon likenesses created while Infosys presented their game-changing computing developments. Although I didn’t take advantage of Las Vegas’ renowned nightlife, I certainly enjoyed the spectacular dining options this glittering city has to offer.

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