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Asian Conference 2016 Award Angie Jordan

Asian Conference 2016 Award
Angie Jordan

“Funniest Caricature Style Award”

Yes, I  can’t believe I took home this award from the Asian conference at Jeju island in South Korea. I am so blessed! From traveling so far on the plane, after drawing digitally for a long NYC Beautycon conference, and landing in Shangai, then Jeju island, I managed to stay alert in the new time zone and meet up with Yonie, my Jeju roommate and manager in charge of the Asian conference for 2016.

There were about 50 attendees at this conference and the mix was from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. I had a chance to meet new asian art friends and receive many FUN drawings of my cartoon character.

A Typhoon hit us on the 3rd day and I woke up at 3am, as I heard the strong winds and the hotel walls thunder. I looked out my 11th floor window and watched the waves hit over 100 feet high and swallow the building next to us and car below. Water came into our window area and later we found out the 6th floor down was flooded. The amazing part was the hotel was on top of the flood and by noon, everything was drying up and back to normal. We were offered a free breakfast!

Yonie took us to a few fun Korean restaurants and one of them was cooking pork on a grill with all the trimmings surrounding us. I never had so much fun with the whole art group! A few American artists were with us, Zach, Roger, Kelly and one Canadian/american, Sam. We all had a blast!

Thank you Yonie!





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