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Some time last week I had 2 events on different days (Yes, Im that busy I can’t keep up with my blog post- lol), and I thought i would post about these events together in one post.

My first one was drawing along side of my good artist friend, who has a crazy style, for an outdoor company picnic in Middletown, Delaware. We entertained with color caricatures and at this event, I decided to draw more than 3 on one drawing. What a chore! 🙂

Personally, I find it a huge challenge to draw so many people on one drawing. I feel it limits an artist’s creativity to expand and use up the space needed for fun exaggeration for each individual, along with limited space for details, like pony tails and hats. I’m not saying it can’t happen, though trying to plan and execute many heads into one drawing takes up more valuable time to think about your layout and how many faces will fit onto your drawing paper size than the time it takes to do each person individually. I had one artist friend tell me he told a client, who asked for 5 on one drawing, that his drawing is now a “chore” and not a fun caricature. So true!

And my second event, another outdoor event, was held at the Cowan park in Ft Loudon, PA. This was my second time drawing the family and kids at this event. This time they brought in a tarot card reader. Behind me in line, I heard a son ask his father, “Do you believe in her readings?” and he answered, “You cannot believe in GOD AND the magic of psychics, you can only choose one!” My husband said the SAME thing to me at one point and it thrilled me to hear a father explain this exact same answer to his son. I had goose bumps over hearing this from another family! Woo-hoo!

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