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Merry Christmas! While we are just days away from Christmas, I thought I’d celebrate a little early by announcing something really awesome!

Earlier today I received an email from Apple approving my very first iPhone App! And I thought the best way to celebrate would be to give it away for free to everyone!

My iPhone App features my Digital Caricatures in an interactive gallery, ties into Facebook and has an embedded version of my blog. We tested it on iPhones, and the next update will work on both iPhones and iPod Touches. So head on over and download it. And if you like it, I wouldn’t object to a raving review. *grin*

You can read more about it on my husband’s site, Digital Blacksmiths. There’s a direct link there to download it from the iTunes App store.

I’m going to be adding a ton of new features in future updates, including more Facebook integration, a pinch zoom gallery, and much more!

2 responses to “Free iPhone App Christmas Gift”

  1. Deb says:

    Very cool Angie, I do not have one of those fancy phones but this is really cool congrats! BTW merry christmas!