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How exciting to hear the news that the town I lived all my young life is honoring a plaque to The Jordan Brothers, (my Uncles and father, Bob) a musical band that achieved national and regional prominence.
The Jordan Brothers

The Jordan Brothers have been endorsed by Dick Clark and “American Bandstand.” They were most famous for their release song, “Gimme Some Lovin,” a year BEFORE Spencer Davis group released it in America. Geez, I can remember watching my father play the drums on TV at the “The Pier” in Atlantic City, NJ.

On the day of this newspaper photo shoot, I happen to run into my Uncle Joe and he said with a proud smile, “Imagine, 100 years from now, my name will be on a plaque and in the history books of Frackville, Pa. And I replied, “THAT is a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT! ”

I wish my dad were here to see this today! I’m very proud of him and my Uncles! Congratulations!

One error in this newspaper write-up was the mentioning of my father dying in the 80’s. He actually died October 15th, 1993 at 50 years old. He always told me he would live to see 50 and he did! 🙂 I’m guessing the mix up might have been confused with my grandfather’s death in 1986. In any case, I want to thank Gerry Ulincy for taking the time, along with his talents, to write this story.

If you would like to order and listen to their great music, please go to the Jordan Brother’s website to place your order for their CD.

If you would like to read the article, click on the photo to make it bigger (Safari users will have to click on the image twice).

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