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This past summer I became a member of the Frackville Historical Society to help restore the town that carries many memories of my childhood. The society honored my father and uncles,

  • The Jordan Brothers
  • , last spring and that is the time I had learned about the existence of this society.

    Our town is in desperate need of attention, so I decided to join the committee and help build the city back to life again!

    Scott and I started the design of the website and front page is up and running. We hope to have more, as time moves on, and we will be setting up a Paypal Donation to help our city. Keep checking in! Thanx!
    Here is link:

  • Frackville Historical Society
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    2 responses to “Frackville Historical Society”

    1. KeelanParham says:

      That’s too cool, about your dad and uncles. Which one is your Dad? How big did they make it? Did they ever get a big recording contract

      I love old singing groups like this…reminds me of the movie, “That Thing You Do”, which is one of my favorites of all time.

    2. Angie says:

      Hey Keelan!

      Not sure if you’ll check back for this message, plus my father’s band site is now fully there (html issues) but my dad is Bob, the tall one on right in the standing photo (under gallery). He’s the one that looks close to Chris Reeves (superman). (At least most people said so)
      My father died in 93, but the band went pretty far, picking up there own label, appearing on the Ed Hurst show, the Pier in Atlantic city, and more.

      It was exciting to watch my dad on TV at the age of 5, go to their dances and see woman tear at there clothes and jewelry.
      What a strange life I had with a somewhat famous father!

      Anyway, that is cool that you are into the older bands and such!
      I heard you sing and you do Elvis to a perfection!

      I sing too and maybe at one of these future cons, we can pull off the karaoke duet of that Elvis and Celine version “If I can Dream.” I can do her songs well and know that song!

      Thanks for checking in!