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I designed this business cartoon for a client who wants to put this on the side of her horse trailer,
along with the name “Royal Fox Farms!”

She was very satisfied with my cartoon design results!

3 responses to ““Foxy” Business Cartoon!”

  1. Joanne says:

    Love it Angie!

  2. Hugo Leal says:

    Hey Angie! How are you ? Well, I was wondering on internet and suddenly I found a caricature with the same name of my rock’ & roll band ‘Foxy Busine$$’ I found it very good and I think you did a very nice job! i’m from uruguay and I would like to meet you at least by chat. If you are agree with that check my facebook, and join the foxy business’ group!
    By the way my name is Hugo Leal.
    Nice to meet you!