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I started this design of Dr Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) in the beginning of the year and was hoping to get back to him with this awesome design idea, but never found the time. I was, and am, WAY too busy with my cartoon work this year! I’m not complaining, but I hope to get to my own creative work soon.

I thought it was time to post him. However, I designed him on my Mac and I noticed the colors of Doc look darker on a PC, than my Macbook.

I am looking SO forward to the new season of “House,” starting last week of September! I’m addicted to the Doc!

3 responses to “Fox "y" Premiere of HOUSE!!!!”

  1. nELSÖN! says:

    Angie, yes indeed colors in Mac and Pc are a lot diferent but you can calibrate them… i think. As for the caricature i think its pretty good as well as your live work, and wow you have a Cintik? Gonna add a link to your blog in my blog. All the best.


  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Nelson!

    I will link up with you, too!

  3. Anonymous says: definition, that was gross!