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It’s hard to believe that I was invited to draw my Live Digital Caricatures in Maine for a University Springfest!

Angie prop jet to Maine

Not only did I fly into Boston, but my next flight was a jet prop to fly to Maine. I was thrilled to ride in a 9 passenger plane (there were only 2 passengers, myself and another) and I was allowed to take photos and video tape. Of course, I flew back the same way! This was a big highlight of my trip!

At the sprinfest, we had a different taste of live music (a male falsetto style), plenty of food, henna tattoos, massage therapist and my Live Digital Cartoon Characters for entertainment.

I was thrilled to create fun cartoons that brought a smile and each person’s personality and likeness. Everyone was thrilled to take a print home and it looks like I will be returning for another funfest very soon!

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