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Staying at the forfront of the digital world, Angie Jordan has officially announced her first NFT digital collectibles. The first edition cartoon is based on her AJ relaxed golfer cartoon and character design and we’re excited to reveal it here!

There will be several versions of rarity and bonuses with each NFT series she creates. This first one is limited to only 500 and the first of those 500 has been minted and is available for sale.

As a special bonus, we know how much her caricatures are wanted for digital avatars and this design specifically is very popular when it comes to commercial licensing. As such, when you purchase one of these limited edition NFTs, you’ll also receive a limited commercial use license. Each NFT has the license details in the description.

Like all NFTs, once minted, there can never be any more created. They are limited and numbered, similar to how art prints are numbered. And like art prints, if they appreciate with time, they can be sold for a profit.

Currently, this NFT is being made available for 0.5 ETH.

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