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Scott and I performed on the cold streets of Philly. (Brrr)
We had to “bling-up.” I certainly do NOT make a good runway model with this look!
As you can see, staying warm was #1 on my list. At least my “bear suit” kept me comfortable, but my boots could have had better insulation. I would have been better off bare footed.
Scott made time to pose with his closest magic friends, Francis and Randy.

2 responses to “Festival of Lights!”

  1. Bebe Chanteuse says:

    Lol, you had to walk around looking like THAT!? ;-D What was with the cowboy hats? Sorry I missed you- we were walking around for a while and then ran into friends we hadn’t seen in months and ended up at Continental Mid-town.

    If your feet were cold last night, just be glad you aren’t here for some of the later-in-the-season events; that wasn’t even one of the major ones, I didn’t even see it covered on the news, which they usually do for events…but then, with a new mayor elect and the arrest of the cop killer, a lots been going on.

    Most of us, (women,that I know, anyway,) seem to have feet that have gotten used to living in Philly, where you WALK everywhere, in all kinds of weather. I only own one pair of “insulated” boots and I only put those on when the snow is deep. Otherwise it’s my 4 or 5 inch heels. And if THEY start hurting, we (me and some other women I know,) take them off and walk barefoot like my friend did on Halloween and like I’ve done many times last winter, as long as there was no snow on the ground and we were on the Market st. bridge or some other “safe” sidewalk. 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Ha ha! Yes, we HAD to dress like that to be noticed and it worked! 🙂

    I will pass on getting “used” to the cold feet/hard Philly sidewalks, but I will continue to run on my tread every week to, at least, bare the pain! LOL!