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Paul Pelak, from Florida was my February winner for a digital cartoon creation as my Featured Favorite Facebook Fan.

Paul is a director of the Academy of Design Tampa Alum. With the help of some of his talented friends, he runs the very best place any individual can learn to become a professional photographer anywhere in North America. He and his friends love what they do and nobody does it better.

Update: Message from Paul!!!!
They look absolutely fabulous, Hon. My staff & students are really impressed with the way you captured me; and I love the retro style (how did you know).

Psst, “they” meaning I sent a few files to Paul with and without the black box, and sexy smoke, along with a file that can be used for websites without having that white background.

Please click on my Facebook Fan page (to the right of my blog) and become a fan. You too can be a winner for a FREE digital cartoon!

I have over 700 fans! Thank you!!!!

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