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What can I say…even farmers have fun on their day off! With having my whacky caricatures at their customer appreciation day earlier today, I had many laughing and having a real good time. That’s what entertainment is all about!

Take a look at all the smiles!

Speaking of farms, before my event I dropped my dog, Zoe, off for my mom to babysit. She took my dog out to run on her farm and for the first time she chased and caught a chicken in her mouth quickly. Of course, my mother yelled and she dropped it. You can see by the feathers…GUILTY! lol! (Psst…the chicken is perfectly fine)

2 responses to “Farmers Having FUN!”

  1. Laf says:

    I love your compositions for couples (caricatures no.2-3-4 are really great examples). Negative space is well created and the hidden parts of the backgroung character in these caricatures make them dynamic and really interesting to look at. I also read your paper on the Neopastel technique for applying colors. I will try it because I always look for new ways to apply colors and I never felt confortable with the weakness in values of the artstix. Artstix don’t seem to melt in boiling water. Apart from the Tuckson Red for shadows, all the other colors are so pale. I found that great colors (deep in values) were in the past used by caricaturist Paul McCall with large felt pens (the brand is Copic if I remember well). Personally I found those Copics color fantastic but the felt pens have to be refilled so often that it’s not interesting, and the odor is to strong when I use them directly from the bottle.The price of these pigments is also prohibitive!
    Keep on cartooning….I’m heading for a gig on this cloudy saturday!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Laf,
    One of my biggest goals with myself is to learn better composition with drawing couples or groups. When rushed, I do not always accomplish this, but I try my best and as you can see, not all of them hit my goal.

    About my coloring method post, I was told that the Neo 2 were better than the Neo 1 craayons, but I have yet to try the 2’s. I still have a big batch of the Neo 1’s that I made. Also, WARNING! not microwave the black, it smokes and stinks up your microwave and kitchen! lol! Maybe the black 2’s work, but not the 1’s. Good luck!