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Sometimes, as a caricature artist, I am fortunate enough to be hired in beautiful parts of this great country. Not too long ago, I was flown to California. Shortly before that, Atlanta, Georgia.

This past weekend took me to a very special 1st wedding anniversary just outside Buffalo, NY, in a grand, magnificent, and picturesque state park.

The anniversary reception itself was held in a two-hundred year old mansion, with three-story high pillars extending around the old building’s large porch.

And the view wasn’t just of a few trees. One of three huge waterfalls (several hundred feet high) was just right outside the house. Modern attractions like the still in service train bridge and the sight of hot air balloons in the still evening air made for the perfect evening.

The room was crowded with guests who traveled far. I had a tight spot to set up my equipment, but thanks to my husband who created my custom TreaselTM set-up, I was able to draw in a 4×4 area, along with my LED lights (no need for any electrical power and I help save the environment!).

Here a a handful of photos, along with the mansion and view surrounding the mansion.

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