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Many college students came out this afternoon to enjoy the array of festivities, to include music, food, Rita’s refreshments, games and my fun caricatures.

This is my 3rd year at this event and the students want me back again. I had one young lady reaching out to shake my hand after I drew her caricature saying “Thank you,” many others were complimenting my style and I even had a few professors in my line to have one of my fun cartoon sketches.

The semester classes were taken place and many students either bagged class or went to class late because they wanted to wait for a caricature with me. I had a blast!

Here are a few pics that I had taken,

And I only need about a 6’x6′ area with my light set-up. This includes my classy black Treasel (tripod/easel), my classy custom-made black ATA case, and my classy 5lb folding black stool. Sometimes I use my director’s chair, if needed, and my digital picture frame to show some of my fun work.

2 responses to “Fallfest Fun!”

  1. These are great Angie. Very interesting to see the different set ups you use….very classy indeed !

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Anthony! The treasel was Scott’s idea and my Cintiq goes on that same treasel, as well. Scott was hounding me for a few years about how I carry my art supplies. So he talked me into going from heavyweight luggage style to lightweight classy style. Now all my papers, markers, bags and light/cord fit into my small ATA case. I have him to thank for this classy set-up.