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Nancy-Pelosi caricature by Angie Jordan

I believe part of being an artist is recognizing that one’s craft is constantly evolving and one must always be ready to learn something new. As a caricature artist, I’ve witnessed (perhaps even played a role in) the adoption of digital systems and computer technology as a medium the way paper, pencils, and ink were for centuries.

So, to stay ahead of the curve and continue to work on mastering my art, I’m excited to say that I am taking “The Art of Caricature” course on, taught by the very accomplished Jason Seiler. I am in my third week of this nine-week online instruction program and I can already see my mistakes. In 2008, I took a class taught by Stephen Silver on character design via Schoolism and am thrilled and honored to be able to do so again.

digital drawings by angie Jordan Digital renderings by angie jordandigital artist lessons

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