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Wow! First time in Odessa, Texas to be invited to the PBIOS in the center of Texas, where not only the cattle is big, cowboy hats, men and even the ladies must grow by eating lots of BBQ! lol I’m talking women, in the surrounding oil fields, are taller than 6 feet!

One fine young gentlemen warned me that there is one rule in Texas called the “3 J rule!”… “Jesus, John Wayne and Jimmy Walker! I LOVE IT! And boy do Texans love to party, drink and dance! I never had so much fun at this conference, with having a VIP party, a band and the 2 step dance every night! My clients were so thoughtful and friendly that they invited me back to their next show! Yee Haw! Below, you will find many of my fun cartoon samples and more!

And, I was thrilled to be featured in their local newspaper called Midland Reporter Telegram!

Angie featured in the Midland Reporter Telegram
Angie Jordan featured in Midlander Reporter Telegram
Angie drawing LiveDigitalCaricatures at the PBIOS!

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