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There are many ways to bring in entertainment for a fundraiser to make it a win-win for all. Remember, the entertainers work for a living, so do NOT expect them to do it for free. Entertainers are approached ALL the time to work for FREE. Here is a another way!

Find a “Sponsor” to help pay for the entertainment and if it is caricatures, I’m sure the artist will place the Sponsor’s logo on the printouts or paper, depending on traditional or digital style preference for event. Also, you can ask for a suggested donation PER PERSON to return to your fundraiser and recoup some of the cost.

Again, Sponsors who have money can help YOU with your Fundraising event and then you can bring in the “Professionals” who will attract a crowd that will donate!!! A WIN WIN!

Below are a few photos from a fundraising event for Reading Museum for the Humane Society to help raise money for lost or abandoned pets! I entertained for many of the guests and I was a huge hit. They loved my style and we may draw pets for next event!

Mingle At the Museum with Live Digital Caricatures
These ladies enjoy their cartoon selfies and wine!
She’s adorable!
He didn’t smile when posing, and enjoying his cartoon results! lol
What a likeness!
Love her haircut!

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