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While the company’s name was “Morning Star,” they were all stars, as they were drawn by myself and another caricaturist during this fun filled day, outside at park near Philly.

I’m always thrilled when I get to work at an event with another artist who’s style is so different from my own. In this case, this gave the guests an opportunity to be drawn in either my fun cartoony style or the other artist’s portrait style. There were cheers coming from both lines, which shows that people love different styles. Thank you Lynne!

It’s still early this Saturday morning and I’m getting ready for 3 events in 3 states, in 3 days, with 2 flights in between.

These events are so big, that our company, Digital Blacksmiths, is not only having me entertain with my digital caricatures, but is hiring a second digital artist from Philly and a third digital artist flying in from San Diego!

I’ll catch up with everyone next week…gotta fly now! 🙂

Enjoy the photos

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