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I designed a “Crazy” card recently and MADE time to scribble it out, but I decided to “can” this card and try and blow out another idea I have, so I’m posting my long, drawn out, crazy “Doo” card.

Even though it may seem “somewhat” insulting to the few people drawn on card, my family has this “type” of sense of humor. My mother (last page) laughed hysterically and is excited to show my card around.

I posted it in order from top to bottom. Enjoy!

It’s sad for me to say I have no more fuzzies this year. (I state this because my past holiday cards always included my pets). My cemetery is full now and, at this time, there will be no more lively furballs in my household, due to a very productive year(thanks to clients, agents and friends), absence of any authority figures, and much travel time away from home. 🙁
I truly miss my lil Corky (favorite ferret)! Wah!!! Sob!

4 responses to “"DOO" dare to read my Xmas card!”

  1. Pag says:

    nice design

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Pag!

    Where have you been?

    Shoot me an email sometime!

  3. Steve says:

    Kewl work! Tell Scott I am getting a brand new iMac soon and maybe we could iChat and catch up via the Mac!!! Miss you guys – sob!
    Steve x

  4. Angie says:

    Hey Steve!

    I did see on forum that you were getting a mac! You will never look back! Way to go!
    Miss u 2!