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After returning from a conference in Delhi, India, I dove into some of my digital character designs, drawn from photos. Some designs are commissioned and some are gifts to my friends. This type of design work takes much more time than drawing a person, live, at a conference in my chair in about 6-7 minutes.

I call this type of design work “Studio Digital Design.” This type of work takes more time to study and layout the composition of each person’s personality and body type. Also, studio work is more refined so when you zoom up on the colors, you will not see unfinished lines, spots of missed color, etc.

I do have to say that this type of studio character design is my favorite art to create!

Below are 3 individuals that brought great memories of my time spent in India, along with a commission of a birthday invitation from a client.
Digital trio cartoon by Angie Jordan

Mom Skiing Invitation-web

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