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With the global economic environment, companies have been searching for innovative ways to drive traffic to their conference exhibits so that they can have in-depth conversations with potential clients.

Over the years, I’ve seen many attractions. But the one comment I continue to hear from my clients is how their booth became the “hit” of the convention because of the buzz of my digital caricatures.

This past weekend, Scott and I were flown to Phoenix, Arizona, to entertain and draw attendees of the conference into a pharmaceutical trade show exhibit.

Scott and I each drew digital caricatures for two days using our iPads, connected to several large screen monitors. After each person was drawn, we printed their digital caricatures to a wireless printer nearby.

After the first day, our client made a point to come over and go into great detail about how much of a success we had made the first day!

He mentioned that several attendees had already uploaded photos of their caricatures on Facebook and our digital caricatures were bringing in a much larger crowd than previous years.

He specifically loved the fact that he now had a perfect opportunity to have in depth conversations with clients and prospective clients as they stood in line. In doing so, he built many more quality relationships!

After drawing for eight hours on day one, Scott and I enjoyed Phoenix, before grabbing some rest before drawing again for day two!

Below are several photos of our drawings as well as some fun pictures we took while out and about!

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