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Scott and I went big with my caricature presentation in front of 3 classes with about 100 students each on the auditorium stage.

Afterwards, we were told that it was the best program they had seen in a long time.
The students were cheering and all raising their hands for a caricature, along with participating in our fun program.

I did not take photos, but here are a few of the digital files I created for the cheering students. And some were put into my past themes.
Thank you Linda!

Live Digital Caricatures by Angie Jordan
live digital cartoons by angie jordan
live digital caricatures by angie jordan

I received this email a few days later (Thanks Sarah!)
Dear Angie Jordan,

I am a student from SH that you have recently visited on Monday, May 18th, 2009! I was at the 6th grade assembly! I sat in the very front row on your left! I was absolutely amazed by the drawing you made! How did you learn to draw like that? I visited your sites as well! I like the website “Pet-Toons!” I saw that on one of the pages that there was a black dog with a stick in its mouth! That reminded me of my dog, Lilly! Now that picture is my background on my computer! Anyhow, I’m just amazed by your creations! I’m an artist! Well sorta! I hope you visit again next year to SH School! Thanks for coming!

Sincerely, Sarah

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