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Back in March, when I weighed myself, I decided it’s time to shed some pounds off to help me feel better about myself. Imagine?….actually going on a diet that’s healthy for you?
Whenever you see someone losing weight drastically, whether it’s Weight Watchers, Beach diets, etc., you are quite tempted to try these marketable diets, for you have that need for fast results.
Not me, not today! I was in NO hurry and wanted to do it the right way! And yes, I was naive enough to try the suicide diets in my youth, and knew they only worked for a short time. In the long run, your body is paying for it and your body is very important! You have to live with it!
I lost 13 pounds in about 3-4 months and it is 8 months today and I only gained 3 pounds back.
Are you ready for my diet plan?
I ate like I usually do everyday, the only change was to eliminated SOME candy and placed it with veggies and fruit, drink water instead of sodas(which I usually do not drink sodas anyway) CUT back by NOT eating that LAST munchie-of-the-night snack (this is the biggie and difficult to start, but becomes easier) and, GET THIS…. exercise 2-3 hours a week!

I guess the hardest part about this diet is “discipline.” When you have a goal and want that goal, you just begin and take your time. Are you in a hurry? Ask yourself why?
Think of your body as a plant; if you do not water it, it dies, when you finally give it plenty of water, it grows strong and then dies again. Can you imagine your body being treated the same with food?
This is the same with EVERYTHING in my life…ART, SINGING, DANCING, you name it!
Take your TIME, learn about yourself and practice, discipline yourself, great things will HAPPEN! Wait and you will see your results!
Try not to get discouraged by the negative obstacles falling in your path. It happens, just focus and get back on track!
Oh, yeah…diet?….eat as many carrots as you want in a day! You will find youself eating more than you’d like during the start of your diet, but it gets easier and less carrots!
Come ON! You CAN do it!!!

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