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And so 2010 goes out with some fireworks, Mardi Gras beads, and, of course, Angie’s Secret Sauce: my Live Digital Caricatures for a very fun New Year’s Eve party in Delaware.

Live Digital Caricature Entertainment of The Past

I’m always amazed at the unique locations to which I am invited to entertain with my Live Digital Caricatures. For example, I’ve been flown out to California to entertain for Google, I’ve been flown to Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Edmonton (Canada). I’ve also been brought into New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and so many other great places.

Being more specific, this opportunity allows me to perform in places like Google’s amazing campus right under their famous logo on their main building, perform in mid-19th century plantations, mid-20th century skyscrapers, and now, one historic town’s multi-million dollar renovated opera house for a New Year’s Eve party in the heart of Delaware.

2011 New Year’s Celebration with Digital Caricatures

And many who where getting ready to celebrate bringing in 2011, got to do so with a brand new digital caricature in their hands! Below, you can see that I projected the digital caricatures onto a projection screen as I created the digital caricatures with my 21-inch Wacom Cintiq digital touch tablet, one of the largest, most sensitive, and most expensive digital tablets available.

The result? Plenty of laughs during the entire celebration. I had kids and adults all wanting to sit in on the fun and get their own cartoon likeness of themselves. All in all, over 75 excited people were drawn in the few hours leading up to the New Year countdown!

To download your cartoon file, please go to
Digital Blacksmiths, right click and save to your computer.

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