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Yesterday was Ashley’s sweet 16 party and it was held at a night club for all of her family and friends. Ashley’s mother told me that she was an award winner for her dancing.

As I arrived at the party to set up my caricature treasel(tm) and custom ATA case, I received an eyeful of Ashley and the girls on the stage doing their hip-hop dance practice for the guests. Since I was a dancer, myself, for over 15 years, along with being a teacher, I was really impressed with the dance moves to their song choice. Today, I doubt my bones could even keep up with the style of these young dancers. 🙂

I kept my fun cartoon style and I had many of Ahley’s guest laughing and having a good time.
Thank you De and Happy Birthday Ashley!

Here is a digital dancing cartoon order of Ashley doing her thang!

And here are a few photos that I had a chance to take of my quick style black and white caricatures at Ashley’s fun event.

One response to “Dancing to a Sweet 16 Party!”

  1. Awesome work Angie !…great to see that you didn’t hold back on some of those chubby faces