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Sunday, I managed to slap on makeup and an outfit to attend my cousin’s Bridal Shower and to my surprise, Crystal (my cousin’s cousin, whom I spent a part of my childhood with, was waving her hand at me! In our younger days, we hung out for many fun times together, like swimming at the Bluey (a pit hole in Frackville) when those Secada flies were flying in our path and we were screaming, chasing my younger brother away (he liked Crystal), and just taking turns sleeping over each other’s place.

I can remember a time when I went to HER school for a day, with written permission.
I almost got her in trouble while she was taking a test. What can I say, I get bored easily. 🙂
Now that I think back, it was really strange to walk into another school for a day and attend classes and meet strange kids my age, just to hang with Crystal! Weird!
I wonder what my parents had thought. I cannot recall.

I remember flirting with a cute boy named Rich, and later having a few small “movie” dates with him. He was the cutest boy in C’s class. At that time, I was afraid of getting close to any boy and I believe I was only around 16 yrs old!! Imagine that?
I think he may have tried to kiss me and I broke it off! Blech…boys!
but…I loved to flirt and still do! 😀

Crystal is STILL Gorgeous as ever, she’s sooo full of fun and has a big heart, too!
She is FAR from being superficial and fake like many I witness or acknowledge today!
She’s a real TRUE friend. They are hard to find!!

I am SO looking forward to the wedding at end of Oct and catching up some more!

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