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Due to bad weather back home in PA, I flew to my next event from Florida to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was my first time seeing Oklahoma city and Tulsa and I was very fortunate that the weather perked up to be very sunny and beautiful.

I had a rental car and drove to stay in Oklahoma city and  went to see the memorial where 138 people died in a tragic bombing. And later I saw the art museum and had a great Guinness Irish Stew for dinner. While driving a few days later towards Tulsa, I saw a coyote walk to the fence of the highway to chase out the deer in the thick brush. How cah-ooool! 🙂

As soon as I arrived in Tulsa, I met up with a friend and artist, Okie, for a fun italian dinner and later drew fun digital caricatures for the ABB meeting group.

My client left me a feedback:

“Angie was a delight to work with. Everyone enjoyed watching her draw the caricatures of fellow colleagues. Huge hit. Would definitely, highly, recommend”

Angie Jordans Digital Caricatures IMG_8023 IMG_8025

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