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This is a very exciting time for any digital artist. In this connected world, there are specialty periodicals that are published worldwide for those of us who create our artwork using a touch screen (think of the touch screen like a 21-inch iPhone…without the phone).

These periodicals are read by artists around the world for their in-depth tutorials.

Several months ago, I was asked by Corel Painter magazine to design an art study, creating a digital caricature of Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo DaVinci, master artists of their time.

Painter Magazine (published out of London) hit the Barnes and Noble rack in the US during the month of August 2009, (my birthday month). I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday surprise!

A few months ago, when we were still in the design stage, I was able to catch a view of the page layout. At that time, my caricature of Zoe was in the layout. Due to some last minute changes to squeeze in more of the tutorial, Zoe was left on the cutting room floor. Oh well! I still enjoyed creating my own dog into a fun digital caricature and you can still see her caricature in an earlier post.

What was exciting, is that my son, JT, received a whole page as part of the art study! Wow! He was excited!

Again, thanks April!

Angie Jordan Painter Magazine Art Study, August 2009
Angie Jordan Painter Magazine Art Study, August 2009
Angie Jordan Painter Magazine Art Study, August 2009

4 responses to “Corel Painter Magazine Art Study!”

  1. Hugo Freutel says:

    Angie this is a wonderful oportunity! You are so professional in your video and web promo’s and now this magazine: WOW!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Hugo! I appreciate this comment and I have my husband, Scott, to thank for video
    and web promos. I hope to see you at the convention.

  3. Hi Angie! very good drawings!!!! love to know your work. Greetings from Argentina!