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I have so much work coming in, it’s crazy, though I’m trying to find time to catch up on my blog posting! This is a long goes…

Last week, I attended our caricaturist convention in Texas with approximately 180 other fun and crazy artists. At the convention, we all draw each other madly and place art on our walls for voting at the end of the week. During this time, we do not have much sleep and are up hours drawing, going to fun seminars during the day and other contests happening throughout each day, as well. As you can see, so much of our time is taken away to draw our exaggerated and crazy wall caricatures!

I surprised myself with my work! Seriously! I knew I wanted to do digital caricatures and brought my smaller 15″ Cintiq tablet, though I had NO idea whom I was going to draw, and what style I wanted to use (graphic, cartoony, rendered?).

As soon as I set up my Cintiq in drawing room, I saw my first face, with Rita, and went to town by drawing a painted, rendered style version of her, using Photoshop and Corel Painter. That was when I knew which direction I wanted to go with my art at this convention. My friend, Tony, sat beside me watching me from beginning to end, with each rendered caricature that I created with my Cintiq tablet, along with making me laugh at his funny stories.

Unfortunately, I did not win an award, and I walked away with nicely rendered, digital caricatures, I received sooooo many compliments from art friends, agents and master artists, I met NEW, wonderful friends (Tony!), connected with my other art friends, paced myself to participate in many of the competitions and seminars, and I received just enough of shut-eye to get through the whole week. All that, made me feel like a true WINNER!

And NOW I am receiving many orders for Christmas and even orders for AFTER Christmas! Wow!

Below is my wall of art and each digital caricature I rendered from a photo!

Other fun photos of friends, Texas, and art wall photos from the convention!

Also, in 1986, my photo was taken at the Alamo and I was pregnant with my son, JT, who is today, 25 yrs old. I had to do a photo comparison, though I failed to remember that the photo was taken on the “cannon” at the Alamo and not a bench. Oh well. lol!

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