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When I filmed my first video about my experience of being the world’s first iPad Caricature artist, I had no idea how popular the video would become. It had thousands of views in the first few days. So I did another video.

Those videos now have (combined) over 100,000 views! Totally viral!

Well the news keeps snowballing. There is an incredible thread in the ISCA forum (a forum for professional caricature artists) that I started months ago that now has contributions with tips from artists from around the world. The artwork is phenomenal and it’s exciting to see how other artists are using the iPad to create!

Finally, ComputerWorld recently wrote an article on “6 Reasons the iPad is a Productivity Tool” and to my surprise, I’m reason number 5!

This is an exciting new genre of artwork. The last ‘generation’ of digital artists (myself included) used and still use Cintiq tablets. Now we can use touch screens the size and shape of a notepad. Exciting times. I can’t wait to see what’s introduced in another year or two!

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