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I recently had one of my favorite clients return for another business order.
(There must be something in the wintery air for all these recent cartoon orders!) 🙂

These caricature/cartoon character designs have been telling a great story for their line of business.
I always did SAY that cartoons catch people’s attention and they DO!! What better way than to have a cartoon designed for your business.

After completion of my final cartoon, this company emails the image to another company who makes cardboard characters out of high rez image files. When they receive the cardboard cut-outs, they display them for their business meetings and more. What a GREAT idea!

For each design, I receive several photos of the person along with the character information to help me with their thoughts and idea for the character.
I draft out a B&W cartoon-likeness image for my client(s) to review for revisions and move into color after approval.
This type of design costs more for it is being used for commercial/business purposes.
Here is the rough draft along with final. Thanks again Laura!

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