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Lately, it seems I’ve been drawing many pet caricatures and cartoon designs. This week I was commissioned to create a commercial design of a family of English Springer Spaniel dogs to be used for T-shirts, web design and more, for the MAESSR (Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue).

My client had sent me the theme description and had asked for a field dad and bench mom with 2 pups (boy & girl) skateboarding to a picnic. I had to do some internet research with this type of breed to make sure I designed the right angles to create each type of dog into my fun cartoon style, along with creating the dog character in action.

Composition and balance are very important with all my designs and, at times, can become a challenge when creating a group drawing. Below are photos of a field and bench type, within the English Springer Spaniel breed, so you can see the relation of how I turned them into my fun cartoon character style.

Here is my final color cartoon design,

Thanks Vicki and Terry.

If you would like to donate to the Mid Atlantic English Spaniel Rescue, please go here

If you would like an inquiry about a design for you, please contact me at the links provided above or call me at 570-449-2855.

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