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I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t time to post until now. Let’s start with my trip to Williamsport, where I first was brought in to entertain at a fun college event that was outdoors in a tent for an alumni group. This group really enjoyed my style and the compliments were flying as the line grew bigger. I had so much fun designing the alumni guests into funny cartoon characters and towards the end of my drawing time, I was already asked to return for next year.

If you have never been to Williamsport, there are so many great historical homes with interesting details, mansard roofs and more. I couldn’t keep my eye on the road as I drove down 4th street looking at the tiny stained glass within the squares of an outdoor porch. Also, I enjoyed one of the best Chai tea latte at Alabaster’s Coffee Roaster house in the downtown area.

Take a peek at my happy alumni customers!

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