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Last night, I had an event in the town of New Castle, Pa and this is the second time I was brought back with same company. I was eager to arrive early and make room to eat at a great health food restaurant called “Pure and Simple.” They not only create food, they sell health food, as well. I had orange pudding with hemp seeds. It looked funky, though it had much flavor and tasted great! Yum!

At this event, I had a chance to work with a new and very nice artist named, Kent Roberts, from Shippensburg, Pa. We, both, charmed the guests at event with our fun caricature style.

And once again, David Grove charmed us all with his wonderful voice singing Elvis songs. Man! Does he sound soooo much like Elvis! So much so, that I had to record part of his vocals on my iPhone for my husband, Scott, to hear him. (Scott agreed). David is King of Green Castles. lol!

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