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A few months ago when I was drawing at Petco events, I would arrive early and shop around. I went into Michaels (arts and craft store) and happen to buy a few fun and inexpensive ceramic projects with ceramic paint.

I recently gave this ceramic project a go this week for a gift for my husband. Yes, I know it’s a few days late, but this turned out to be a fun project for both of us!

Since Scott loves his coffee, I bought this HUGE mug and decided to paint his cartoon on it, along with his name.
I did TRY the same on a HUGE piggy bank for Scott’s nephew yesterday, but I forgot to take photos of it.

Here is my progress of THIS ceramic project:

Step-1 THE MUG (about $10 at Michael’s)
cartoons on ceramic by angie jordan

Step-2 THE PAINT on paper plate, water and napkin (paint set was about $15 at Michaels)
Ceramic Mug Step 2

Step-3 CARTOON sketching – I sketched with a #2 pencil, outlined it with black ceramic paint marker, then filled in with other paint from set)
Ceramic Mug Step 3

Step-4 FILLING up the colors inside the lines with ceramic paint
Ceramic Mug Step 4

Scott’s NAME, too, This was with a gold tube ceramic paint that you squeeze to make the thick raised line, cool, eh?
Ceramic Mug Step 5
Ceramic Mug Step 5 part b

Step-5 ALLOW to DRY 24 hours and bake 35 minutes in oven at 400 degrees, let cool (photo to come)

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