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Last night was an exciting, albeit long, night filled with our entertainment for one of the best decorated post proms I have seen, and it happened to be cartoon themed!

I entertained for 5 hours drawing many of the students into a fun cartoon likeness, while Scott and good friend and business partner, Frank, were in the “Flintstone Room” performing their NEW digital entertainment called, Animated Airheads!

Every room had a cartoon theme, from the Batman room holding laser tag, to the Alladin room holding magic, a hypnotist and my cartoon entertainment. Frank could not believe how much time and energy this school puts into their decorations and entertainment for their junior and senior students.

Check out some of the exciting fun that happened last night!

2 responses to “Cartoon Theme for Post Prom!”

  1. zax says:

    omg! I love all of these! I just want to like have every single one of them XD These are amazing angie, really you completely out did yourself this night. These are completely amazing. These caricatures are by far some of the best I’ve seen you do…and since I look at all your blog posts, it means alot XD I can’t stop looking at them. You know how I said the drawing gods were with you–they weren’t tonight–YOU WERE ONE OF THE DRAWING GODS!

  2. Angie says:

    Thank you Zax!
    I always feel I need to improve and I hope that it is showing in my work as I grow.