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Last night, I was part of a fun convention, drawing my traditional style caricatures on paper. With all the digital events I entertained for the past 2 months (psst…and there were quite a few digital events I could not blog about, due to NDA), I was out of practice drawing on paper. 🙂

I worked with my artist/pal, Pat, while my husband, Scott Sullivan, strolled around doing his FUN close-up magic tricks to all the guests! And Dale was walking around in his “sunny yellow” character costume on stilts and you could really hear the crowd laughing at his fun jokes.

I was so fast, I couldn’t believe the many character designs I drew within the hours I was entertaining and drawing my fun caricature carnival drawings! The line was so long and so many were interested in receiving this unique gift to take home with them and show it to their kids or place it on their wall at work.

Because of the long line for caricatures, I only had time to take 2 photos, at the beginning and at the end.

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